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Archbishop Eamon Launches New Prayer Initiative

Date posted: 10-07-2017

Prayer Apostolate - myprayer.ie

On the 24 June last, I announced at the 50th Anniversary Conference of Charismatic Renewal in the RDS, a new prayer apostolate for Ireland entitled, myprayer.ie.

I am inviting people to join the prayer apostolate by registering as 'intercessors' on the myprayer.ie website and making the following commitments:

  • to offer personal prayers each day for the intentions uploaded on myprayer.ie;
  • to pray regularly with others for the intentions of myprayer.ie (e.g. at home with family; in a parish community, with a prayer group, in a religious congregation or with a small group of friends);
  • to be an apostle of prayer - encouraging others to join myprayer.ie and to make the same three commitments.

The dedicated website myprayer.ie will act as a portal to receive prayer requests, thanksgiving, testimonies and ideas about prayer, etc. The home and registration page is already live online.

The ongoing intentions of the apostolate will include prayers for:

  • a 'new Pentecost' in Ireland - an outpouring of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and a renewal of the spirit of Baptism and Confirmation in the faithful of Ireland;
  • the monthly intention of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network;
  • the intentions of those who request prayers on myprayer.ie.

Since I began speaking about this initiative on World Day for Consecrated Life 2017, many people have offered their prayerful support and have begun to register on myprayer.ie. My vision is of a 'blanket of prayer' wrapping around the needs of Ireland and the world today, and inspiring 'a new springtime' for the faith. I pray that this creative online space for prayer, on what Pope Francis has termed 'the digital highway', will develop further and reach out to people all over the world.

I would be grateful if you could spread the good news about myprayer.ie and bring the initiative to the attention of your friends, parish, prayer groups and religious communities. The website is available now for registration. The service is, of course, free of charge. Please encourage as many people as possible to sign up and register as 'intercessors' so that when the initiative goes fully live in September, thousands of people stand ready to begin!

For my part I shall offer Mass each month for all those who support and use the website.

If you have any questions or thoughts please email Fr Gerry Campbell at frgerry@myprayer.ie or feel free to write back to me.

May God give success to the work of our hands!

With every good wish and blessing, Yours sincerely,

Eamon Martin, Archbishop of Armagh


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