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Catholic Devotions

Date posted: 01-01-2010

We would like to bring to your attention a new website that is proving increasingly popular in Belfast www.catholicdevotions.info.

Available "free" at this site are audio files of popular devotions that can be downloaded to play on CD players, ipods and mp3's. They are ideal for using when driving, making dinner or out for a walk. I would be grateful if you might take the time to visit the site and listen to an Audio File. If you find it of any value would you please inform others about it and maybe advertise it in your Parish Bulletin.

We know other sites produce similar and indeed more professional productions but this is different in that the site is and will always be "commerce free" with no requests for donations. You will also notice there are periods of silence for the listener to respond to the first part of the prayers and not fall into the trap of just listening passively. In addition to this the prayers like the Rosary are kept in their most basic form and have no embellishments hence it only lasts seventeen minutes (the recommended time for a Rosary according to St. Alphonsus de Liguori).

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