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04 Dec

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The Prayer and Spirituality Group organises prayer experiences and times of reflection for parish ministry groups as well as resourcing p...

02 Dec

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"Wonder and Awe, the Master’s call to become as little children"

1. Franciscan Missionary Community Mount Olive...

25 Feb

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The reflections in the attached files may prove helpful to Lenten Scripture Sharing Groups. Please feel free to download and share with y...

20 Feb

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16th March - 'A Lenten Encounter: Looking Up and Reaching Out' led by Fr. Damian Bresnahan SMA. 10:00am - 5:00pm. Cost £25 ...

14 Feb

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On behalf of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal, Drogheda:

LIGHT THE FIRE 2019 – The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal inv...

07 Feb

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Prayerfest 2019 details:

1.Franciscan Missionary Community Mount Oliver Saturday March 23rd 2019 - Mount Oliver, Ballymascanlon...