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Out of the Ordinary by Sr Joyce Rupp (Servants of Mary)

This volume of 252 pages is a collection of prayers, poems, readings and blessings gathered into liturgies and prayer services. The wealth of materials contained in this attractive book is still something I marvel at time and time again. The title Out of the Ordinary expresses that step we all need to just stand back and reflect on how God is present in the seasons and events we encounter in everyday living. There are 17 sections that cover just about every season and milestone we all meet in the course of the year and the business of being alive in families and communities. Topics include Advent and Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, Lent and Easter, Mary, Justice, Ministry and Service, Difficult times, Birthdays, All Saints/Souls, Pentecost, Transitions, Valentine's Day etc. Each section has at least 5 or 6 prayers or reflections. A wealth of material for personal reflection or to form the basis of a communal reflection, liturgy or blessing. Rupp says in her introduction" All the resources contained in this book are grounded on my firm belief in the indwelling presence of God... It is in the relationship of the Holy One's "nearness" that I find consolation, inspiration and challenge and a desire for sturdier commitment". I share her vision and have found her book a treasure to be opened on a very regular basis.

Review by: DOL
Publisher: Ave Maria Press



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