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Moral Choices

Cry Freedom

Chariots of Fire (Stick to what you believe)

City of God. Elephant man (Exploitation)

The Mission (Exploitation, forgiveness)

A man for all seasons (St Thomas Moore, conscience)

Hotel Rwanda

The Pianist (staying alive)

Schindler’s List (Holocaust)

Salvador (human life)

Saving Private Ryan (war & life)

Sophie’s Choice (Holocaust)

Leon (Revenge and murder)

Rabbit proof fence (Racism)

Lord of the flies (Breakdown of morality)

A Place for Annie (children with AIDS)

Lord of the Rings - great on good and evil and the temptation of man

The Crucible, Arthur Millar adaptation- self righteousness & religious fanatics

Darrow (Darwin)

Hiroshima (War – nuclear option)

Gataca (bioethics)

Philadelphia (AIDS victims prejudice)

Matrix (Parallels John Gospel Themes)

Bowling for Columbine (Politics/gun control causes of alienation/poverty)



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