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Windows Into The Mystical

I thirst. Lord there are times when I need your love poured over my troubled spirit like cool refreshing water. You are a well that never goes dry. Your love brings eternal life. May I drink from it each moment, each day Amen.

Lord how vain I have become. Ever looking inwards. I am started by my own pride and self preoccupation. Let me focus on You and not me. May I see your face reflected in all those I daily encounter, may I hear and respond to you in them.

Lord, I marvel at the beauty of creation Your Art, Your Eye, Your Handywork! It fills me with awe I praise You! All creatures in their own wonderful way reveal your imagination, creativity and awesome providence.

Even the humblest insects reveal your plan for all of creation. Each has its own special place, its task and work that accomplishes the wonder that nature is. Lord we praise you.



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