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How to Pray by John Pritchard

John Pritchard Church of England bishop of Jarrow describes this little book as a practical handbook. That is just what it is. I find it a book to constantly revisit to explore new and different ways of deepening my own prayer journey. He starts with chapters on how to organise your prayer time, dealing with time, place, slowing down, getting your feet on the ground etc. All very helpful in a rushed and busy world. He calls this section "Watch this space". There are in all five sections. They are "Day by Day", "Good practice", "Praying with all we've got" and finally "Darkness and Light". He offers the practitioner of prayer beautiful insights into prayer with the Bible, Ignatian Prayer, Benedictine Prayer, Franciscan Prayer, Celtic prayer. He introduces us to prayer using the imagination, soaking up silence, entering mystery, how to pray with music and Art, liturgical prayer to mention just some of the chapters. For a general introduction to prayer this manual is excellent, for those on the journey if offers new insights and practical down to earth advice. Have to say I love it.

Review by: DOL
Publisher: SPCK



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